Corporate Investigative Services

Corporate Investigative Services was established in 2001 and has delivered a thorough and reliable service to our ever increasing client base throughout Australia, whilst specialising in Insurance, Legal and Corporate investigations. Our investigations are tempered with commercial considerations, drawing on the wealth of experience of the Director and consultants within our company structure.

The core function of our business is to provide a complete investigative package to the corporate, insurance and legal sectors. The package includes highly trained investigators and a uniquely qualified support staff. Our company provides a viable alternative to traditional policing methods when dealing with corrupt business practices or cases shrouded in mistrust or dishonesty.

We offer immediate response times and prompt, well founded investigations. We provide practical solutions to problems not normally encountered by our clients.

Our collective investigative expertise is superior to any other consultancy in Australia, and our qualifications complement our business. This broad base of knowledge enables us to utilise a wide range of options normally not considered by other investigative teams.

Corporate Investigative Services Pty Ltd has agency arrangements throughout Australia. We have structured our business to cater for investigations throughout the country and can access these resources immediately.